Shen - Spirit of Heart Energy

Humanenergetikerin, Lebens- & Sozialberaterin unter Supervision, gelernte Buchhalterin. Begeisterte Reiterin & leidenschaftliche Tänzerin. Vielseitig interessiert. Ich mag den kreativen Prozess beim Kochen & die Natur bei ihren Veränderungen zu beobachten

I believe, that as shiatsu practitioners, your success in work is connected with the quality of our heart energy, When we trust in ourselves, the work we do, the client can follow with trust and his heart, which is the source of all healing for me. This energy which was very challenged the last weeks from the world outside. Lets take care of our Shen , the spirit who lives in the heart and guides us along our path in life.


Gratitude is an emotion which strengthens the heart. Starting a session, in Ohashiatsu, we center yourselves, by bringing our left and right side of the brain in connection, stopp the outside world for a moment and bow to thank the universe for this opportunity to share this time together, person to person, hara to hara and heart to heart.


Too much thinking weakens the heart energy, therefore invite you to come to get connection to your. body. Every emotion has its own breathing pattern, which you can change by the way you inhale and exhale, I would love to encourage you to observe it in you daily life on you, and your clients. (Fear closes up the chest)


Take a deep breath, feel your how body seated, connected to the ground…, put your kind attention to the present moment, feel and celebrate your heartbeat. You might like put your hands on your heart. Stay at this precious moment just with yourself.. Without any judgment, notice the state of your heart, is it open, close ? Just right now and ready to change anytime.


Someone who is said to have a big heart, for himself and others, is a person with a healthy, balanced Shen energy.

Love, wisdom, compassion, kindness, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance are the virtues (Wert, Vorteil) of a solid Shen.


Now breath slowly & deeply in/out into your hara, and while you do start to rub your fingernails together

There are the start/endpoints of the meridians, which are like watergates(schleusen) for the Ki, the energy of the body. To bring energy there, it brings energy in the meridian and the whole system.

You can hold them, press, or influence them by pictures/colors/intentions. Your focus and awareness creates a change, on you and your client.


Shen implies our consciousness, mental functions & health It is shown in the presence and vitality of a person, the inner light., shining through the eyes.


A rosy, gloomy skin ,an awakendend mind, smooth motions.

Now pause the moment, close your eyes and feel  - what has changed, maybe you experience some tickling, pulsation…. 


In the presence of healthy Shen, there is a brightness, a feeling of connection and awareness. The activitys of thinking, consciousness, insight and memory are under its  control.


Experiment by sending a color or intention (might be red or love or both) right from your heart all along the heart meridian to Sho Sho, Tsubo Heart 9, little impact. It is the end point of the meridian on the pinky finger on the radial side from the corner of the nail.


This point calms the Shen, the spirit of the fire, who resides in the heart. Like fire, it responds quickly to sudden stimulus. 

Now hold or press the point with your other hand, feel for a little while. 

This is also a good exercise to get back to yourself, to concentrate on your body and energy.


A person with strong Shen is calm and at peace, (Pause) strong minded, aware, clear, centered, (Pause) deeply intelligent and profoundly happy. 


Might be something we all like to be so lets get to another point to

clear the consciousness, to bring Yang down, is Heart 7, Shin Mon, Gate of God. Its on the wrist, the ulnar end, radial. 

It is the source point for the meridian, and fantastic to calm the mind and helps to resolve emotional issues as anxiety, worry, panic attacks and heart palpitation (Herzklopfen), and anything connected with the circulation of blood through the body, as high/low blood pressure, varicose veins…It tonfies deficiencies of the heart, Ki, Blood.


Another possibility is to stretch the heart meridian, by bringing the arm over the head, taking the elbow and stretching it down. Feel into your body, breath into the hara, enjoy the feeling.


The Shen represents the forces that shape our personality including mental and spiritual aspects, the energy of consciousness and awareness. It presides over the emotions as an all- encompassing awareness 


A balanced Shen brings peace of mind - which we all need in these times.

It is a good moment to concentrate on our virtues, as wisdom, love, compassion, kindness, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance - as a contrast/antagonism to all the energy from outside. 

Which influences us unconsciously, politics, media, concern to get ill, despair about the economic situation, helplessness, challenged by a lot of insecurity and unpredictability. We are forced to change your routines, our daily habits, and fear mostly origins from not knowing. 


This time gives us the opportunity for insight (Erkenntnis/Einsicht), another quality of the Shen, we (and our clients) have to find our shelters of peace and security within ourselves 

By concentrating on the present moment and higher emotions (love, gratitude, compassion, …..) to prevent that our energy is stuck in some fight/flight survival mode, which blocks the Ki from flowing to the heart 


In my concept of working with energy and people it is our task/mission/ service to show them another way, quote an example, and their hearts will feel and know and follow.

To open our heart with conciousness and awareness, to bring love and peace to us and our surrounding. 

I deeply believe, if each of us achieves to go a step further in love, we can change the society.


A very good point to clear the Shen, to strengthen it, our character and our ability to make decisions is Small Intestine 3, Go Kai, Rear Grove/Back stream. If you make a loose fist, it is located at the end of the little mountain the skin makes, press against the bone. 

This tsubo also boosts the spine and relaxes the muscles and tendons, as it is the master point for the GV (governing vessel), and it frees it.


Did you know that the heart has a 5000 times stronger magnetic radiation (magnetische Strahlung) as the brain. 

All in life is energy and frequency. All experiences, everything we see, hear, smell and feel leads to emotions which change the vibration and chemistry in the body - we can do a lot by channelling energy, training our body and mind to a higher frequency.


Focusing on higher emotions, creating joy and laughter, maybe even bliss, brings you in the present moment which helps to get back into balance. 

Joy means always absence of fear. Do what you love.

Everything that relaxes the mind, reduces stress improves you immune system and helps to create a stronger Shen. 

Might be Qi Gong,Tai Chi, Yoga, hiking in the wood, gardening, living your creativity by painting, dance, cooking , …..,


You are the best judge of what you need!



Pay attention to how things make you feel, if it is running or meditating what you miss to be complete, to what your body responds best, what pleases your whole system. Humor is always releasing😉


Notice your individual needs, what makes your soul happy and free. 

Good luck and a lot of delight and wonder by finding your way, exploring the treasure of your heart.


Shen is nourished by the essence (stored in the kidneys) and Ki ( produced by spleen and stomach).

Trauma is when Fire & Water separate, and the spirit looses roots.


To become a spiritual person according to classical Chinese wisdom is to become fully who you are as a human. To accept your unique expression, drop what you are not and be who you are. That`s it.


Signs & Symptoms of Shen Disturbance: Insomnia, Dream-Disturbed Sleep, Anxiety, Palpitations, Inability to Concentrate, Timidity, Being Easily Startled, Being Overly Talkative, Forms of Schizophrenic Mania, Incoherence, Hyperactivity, Restlessness, Frequent & Inappropriate Laughter.